How to choose and buy Toyota Camry in Nigeria

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Camry has been one of Toyota’s internationally acknowledged flagship models for over 2 decades. Widely appraised for its comfort, design and reasonable gas mileage, Toyota Camry has repeatedly been dubbed the bestseller in both the US and Nigeria. If you’re thinking of buying a new car and looking for quality and safety – choosing Camry is definitely the right thing to do. But even after you’ve made up your mind, there are still a few questions you’ll need to answer before you actually get your drive. Here are a few tips on how to choose and buy Toyota Camry.
Determine Your Budget
That’s right. Every purchase starts with choosing your budget cap. When buying a vehicle, price is one of the main determinants of quality. The table below will help you understand what your options are in relation to your budget.

Toyota Camry Price Range in Nigeria
Your budget,
Toyota Camry Model
Below 600K
1996 (Camry Orobo)
600K-1 million
1997 – 2001
up to 1.5 million
2002 – 2006
Up to 2.5 million
2007 – 2011
3.3 million – 9 million
up to Camry 2015
*please note, this is an approximation, real prices may vary depending on the dealer/seller
Old vs New
Did you know that you can actually purchase Toyota Camry at a price as low as N300K? Well, you can purchase Cars on JiJi. But if you’re short on cash you’ll have to be more careful with your choice. Buying a used car, commonly referred to as a Tokunbo vehicle, online is now available with one click of a button.
Although it might not hit your budget hard, but you’ll have to be attentive as used cars commonly come with such unwanted flaws as AC leakage or faulty gear box. If you’re opting for low price you’ll pretty much have to be ready to spend some time checking out your variants. The only advice here is to never purchase a car without taking a close look at it first, then getting a short test-drive and showing it to your trusted mechanic. You might find some helpful tips on how to inspect a used car in the videos below.
Support Matters
Opting for the purchase of a new Toyota Camry will deprive you of the necessity to double check the car’s condition. Buying a vehicle from the authorized dealer might be a lot pricier but it also means that in the long run you’ll save on the maintenance and repair budgets. Dealers also sell original Toyota spare parts. Here’s a list of authorized Toyota dealerships in Nigeria.
Authorized Toyota dealerships in Nigeria
Contact Phone
Ogba Lagos Nigeria
08023119686; 01-4713161
Lekki Lagos Nigeria
Abuja Nigeria
Akure Nigeria
Port Harcourt Nigeria
R. T. Briscoe

Globe Motors Nigeria

Head Office, Lagos
1-8038002222, 08034030150,08034410068
Abuja Office
1-8054933032, 08037873106,08036299913,
Germaine Autos Centre

Mandilas Enerprises Limited

Kojo Motors Limited



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