Suicide Bomber Kills Three, Injures Three In Maiduguri

A suicide bomber driving a commercial tricycle has killed three persons and injured three others on Saturday morning in Maiduguri, Borno State, witnesses have said.According to one of the witnesses, Yusuf Adamu, the explosion occurred at about 7.10am when motor parks in the town were full of
activities as travelers get to join commuter buses out of town.

Adamu said a tricycle attempted to ram into a vehicle that just came out of Borno Motor Garage, the biggest in the town, where vehicles were joined to destinations outside the town.

Adamu, who claimed he was near the scene of the incident, said the tricyclist had waited for a vehicle to emerge from the motor park and immediately sped after it but could not catch up with it.

About a kilometer away, it exploded and killed three passers-by on the highway and left another three injured.

He said: “I was at the motor park to board a vehicle when the explosion occurred. The park is near the SSS office and a tricycle was targeting a bus that just left the motor park but triggered off the explosion before it could get to bus. Four people, including the bomber, were killed.”
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