Nigerian Pastor, Tunde Bakare Reveals He Benefited From Goodluck Jonathan's Administration

Nigerian Prophetic-Apostolic Pastor Tunde Bakare reveals that he was bribed severally by the previous president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan.

He also stated that he had benefited from GEJ. While giving the details, the pastor said: “I can tell you what I received. I took two people there one day and he invited us to dinner. I had a bad sore throat that day, so I took a pass regarding the dinner. .

Another day, I took a couple there and I took a cup of tea. I told you about the $50,000 which I refused, but that was Orubebe. He sent me a cow at Christmas – which I gave the staff to kill – and a hamper through our pastor in Abuja, but I told him to keep it. .

Finally, when the opportunity came and he (Jonathan) said, ‘I will like to give you something’. I [then] said ‘I like pens: so if you must give me anything, let it be a pen, so that I can show it to my people and say ‘the president gave me a pen. .

Christian leaders benefitted tremendously from his administration in terms of licences and waivers. If you have benefitted from evil, you cannot talk about it, nor criticize it. Let everyone declare what he has received.

Jonathan once reached out to me. When I got there, he said he needed someone who could tell him the truth always. I said, ‘if that is what you want, you have me at your side.'

One day, after a meeting with Jonathan, former minister in charge of Niger Delta Affairs, Godsday Orubebe, ran after me and offered me $50,000 for my transport. I said, ‘Haba, take your money, I am not for sale’. We said goodbye to him and the rest is history,”.
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  1. i m happy he confessed the largess he rejected & the one he got from frm Presi.That s honorable e nough.He s not for sale as well a s his ministry.nb Is Bakare Isreal orphanage in edo state existing?Is it real?A Bishop Oyedepo asked me to post or call the foundation.Lots of scam online.gbemi tijani planet gems 20042016

  2. Nigerian girls displaying their nudity online isnt good Truly desperate for money or livelihood or sheer dangerous freedom .nb They can be invited interviewed if they are doing it for cash to survive.The reality these days in less sophisticated cities a few girls who a re not controlled and are needy patronise nude dancing spots! Stories of prostitutes who are rehabilitated abound why cant they be rehabilitated too before they ruin themselves socio - biologically? That sthe onus of foundations churches & the governments. Gbemi Tijani planet gems & convener civicconcern



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