Kenya: Senator was my lover, man tells court in offensive clips case

A man charged with sending an offensive audio message to Senator Emma Mbura shocked a Mombasa court with claims that she was his former lover.

Kalinga Mgandi said their secret affair had wrecked his marriage.

“The case before you is about love, your honour. I have been having a love affair with the senator. I have separated with my wife because of her,” he told a packed courtroom that included Ms Mbura and her supporters.

The National Alliance of Kenya (NAK) nominated senator’s discomfort was evident as Kalinga, a controversial activist in Mombasa, ranted on.

Kalinga was arrested in Nairobi and brought to Mombasa yesterday morning under heavy guard.

The genesis of Mbura and Kalinga’s altercation is an audio message the activist allegedly posted on social media last week, and which was also delivered to the senator's cellphone, questioning her morality.

Reports indicate the two exchanged the harsh audio messages on social media during the March 7 by-election in Malindi.

In the messages, Kalinga portrays the senator as a woman of loose morals. He accuses her of living illicitly with a male activist in Nairobi and questions how she earned her nomination to the Senate.

"I have a right to address the court over this matter because my client has raised it with the prosecution," said Ms Kipsang.

At one point, the magistrate was forced to intervene and ask Kalinga and Mbura to respect the court.

"I know both of you are agitated and excited, but I want you to follow the right procedure because this is the prosecution's case. Ms Kipsang you have a right to address the court but let's give the prosecution time to look at the complaints you have raised before the plea is taken because this is their case" said Shitubi.

Kalinga's lawyer Leonard Shimwaka had clashed with  Kipsang over her right to address the court over the charge sheet.

Mbura had earlier confronted the police officer investigating the matter and demanded to see the charge sheet.

Upon reading it, she loudly complained that what was in the charge sheet was not what she reported.

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