Nigerian Artiste Peter Okoye (Psquare) Calls His Twin Brother a "weakling"

Following the current rift among the Okoye brothers, Peter Okoye has referred to his twin brother as a weakling.

In a recent post by The Netng, the father of two, who wants to be addressed as Mr P said he thinks his twin brother is

‘I remember I once told Paul something, when Jude was using the term ‘Our Money’ when he just became our manager, that was when we made our first 1million. I called Paul and told him that our former manager used to make about 15%, now that Jude is our manager, let’s think of a percentage that we’ll be giving him and put it on paper. Paul was like, it’s not necessary. Probably, he went to tell Jude about it,’ he said.

Continuing, Peter said, ‘I’m sorry to say this, but I think Paul is weak. You know they say change is constant, you can’t stay at one spot, as the industry moves, you move. So I won’t say the problem we have is money. I think everybody is just dragging power unnecessarily. Imagine Jude telling me that he’s in charge of Psquare and there’s nothing Peter and Paul can do about it, and I look at Paul he’s quiet about it’.
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