Brussels attack; family to sue airport management

The family of one of the victims of terror attack in Brussels, Belgium has vowed to sow the management of the airport for negligence of life.

Elita Weah was one of 35 people killed in the bombings – claimed by Islamic State – on the airport and at a Metro station.

Weah’s family now plans to take Brussels Airport to court for failing to protect its passengers from terrorists.

Express reports that the family is considering filing a joint complaint with the relatives of fellow Dutch victims and siblings Alexander and Sascha Pinczowski.

Speaking to Dutch newspaper NRC, Miss Weah’s brother Rasco Weah, “Many questions remain unanswered. We know nothing.

“Only that she’s dead. The Belgians killed my sister! I’m going to fight against it,” he said

Single mother Miss Weah, who was afraid of flying, was on her way to a funeral in the United States when she was killed in the attacks.

Her family have spoken of their shock that she died in “safe Europe” after fleeing the civil war in their native Liberia.

According to Express, the family’s plans to sue the airport for gross negligence come as police released new CCTV footage of one of the prime suspects behind the attack.

Belgian authorities have been heavily criticised for a string of errors in the aftermath of the bombings and are appealing to the public to trace the man, who has been dubbed “the man in white” and “the man in the hat”.

Weah, alongside two accomplices who died in the blast, was seen in CCTV images taken moments before the first bomb exploded on March 22.
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