Ghana: I don't drink nor smoke - Artiste Episode

Ever since the entry of dancehall artiste, Episode into the music scene, his energy, microphone and freestyle prowess cannot go unnoticed when he gets on stage.

His control over the Patios language and the crowd especially the girls are second to none, an act many attribute to the use of drugs or alcohol.

When got up-close with him after his performance at the launch of Guinness Africa Special, the Avatar singer stated that he is not guilty of the above.

“I do not drink nor smoke, in fact I have never smoked or taken alcohol before, what I do on stage is out of the love I have for the creative industry. Naturally I am like that.

“I believe in giving your best shot in anything that you do. I don’t like doing things have cooked, its either I go for it or nothing,” he said.

Talking about the latest addition to his stage craft which is dancing, he noted; “: I have always loved dancing, I have been dancing and I have been with my dancing group for a long time, it is just that sometimes I think I need to be versatile when I go to perform. That is why I sometimes use my guys.
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