‘My deputy has been vindicated,’ says President Kenyatta

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday said the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague had vindicated his deputy William Rut...

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday said the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague had vindicated his deputy William Ruto after terminating a criminal case against him and his co-accused Joshua arap Sang.

“I am delighted that the Deputy President and Mr. Joshua Sang’s innocence has been vindicated by a decision of no-case-to answer at the ICC. This moment is long overdue but no less joyful. I join my brothers in celebrating their moment of justice,” said Kenyatta.

In a statement sent from France, where he is on a three day state tour, President Kenyatta said that the victory in this case remained “partial and the quest for justice incomplete, because the International Criminal court elected to blindly pursue ill-conceived, defective agenda at the expense of accountability for PEV”.

“As a result, many victims await justice, and perpetrators are yet to be brought to account. We will continue the work of healing the nation, uniting the people, reconciling communities and ensuring that justice for the victims is achieved,” said the President.

Kenyatta, who was also cleared of committing similar crimes at the same court, said that from the start of the case he believed that it was ill-conceived and did not properly examine the experience of Kenyans in the 2007/2008 post election violence.

He said that for six years during the trial he and his deputy endured a “painful journey with the ICC,” adding that they had cooperated with the international court while bearing heavy responsibilities of leadership.

“This decision brings to a close what has been a nightmare for my nation. With the conclusion of this case at the ICC, our country is fully back on focus to enhance our efforts towards nation building, promotion of peace and security. For my Deputy and I, this focuses us fully on the affairs of running the State, a mandate given to us by the people of Kenya,” said Kenyatta.

Regarding the victims of the post-election violence Kenyatta said: “Each and every Kenyan was touched by the tragedy that befell our nation in 2007-2008”.

The President added: “Each and every victim of this unfortunate happening matters. Not one of them has been forgotten. Their suffering demanded of us as leadership to seek reconciliation. My deputy and I campaigned and were elected on a platform to unite and reconcile our motherland.

“When you entrusted the leadership of the country to our administration, you made us responsible for the healing and reconciliation of our people.”

Kenyatta said many victims who had been dislocated had now been resettled and compensated and that the government continues to respond to “the outcomes of that unfortunate period of our history.”

He has invited all Kenyans to the Afraha Stadium, Nakuru, on Saturday 16th April 2016, for a thanksgiving service.

“This will be an opportunity for prayers for healing, reconciliation and unity of Kenya as we push on the path of inclusive prosperity for all,” he said.

Nakuru was one of the hotspots of the post election violence that claimed the lives of over 1000 Kenyans and displaced over 600,000.
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