5 memorable souvenirs to get from Ghana

Memories! We always love to keep the very best of them. Whether memories of days spent with other loved ones or trips, travels and vacations.The best way to keep memories is undeniably through pictures and videos. However, there is another great way to keep memories of where you have been before. Souvenirs are just a great way to remember that special moment or the fun times you had at a particular destination. Jovago takes you through 5 memorable souvenirs to get from Ghana.

The Ghana Flag - When you mention Ghana, there is one thing that symbolizes the country. This is the Ghana Flag. The colourful piece of history and heritage that stands out among others with great meaning. Carrying the National Flag of Ghana with you back home truly proves that you were in Ghana and gives you that superb feeling of reminiscing about the great times you had here. You can hang it in your bedroom or on the walls of your living room. The mere sight of the flag brings shivers down your spines.

Weavings - This is definitely not exclusive to Ghana but it has all the trappings of a very unique art that Ghanaians have. Beautifully designed and crafty woven colourful baskets are a good take-home souvenir for anyone that visits Ghana. They are everywhere and come at very cheap price depending on where you choose to buy from.

Kente - This is a unique woven Ghanaian cloth that carries so much respect, dignity and history. It is woven in a loom and comes in various iconic patterns and colours. It is popular among the Ashanti’s and has royalty written all over it. You cannot be in Ghana without buying a piece of Kente cloth.

‘’Ahenema’’ - Another exclusive traditional Ghanaian souvenir that will remind you of Ghana anytime you wear it. This is a beautiful hand made royal pair of sandals, usually worn by Kings and Royals or on very special occasions. They come in different colours and designs for every occasion. Funerals, weddings, naming ceremonies, festivals etc all have their own ‘’ahenema’’ that go with it. Treat your feet to the Royalty and feel like a King or Queen walking in Ghanaian feet anywhere you are in the world while giving you the best memories you had in Ghana.

Branded items - These are usually the smaller items or pickables that you can get everywhere especially at the airport. They are often branded with the Ghanaian flag or the coat of arms. These include cups, scarfs, t-shirts, balls, caps, bags etc. You can buy as many as you can for friends and family who you left behind. Drinking from a Ghana branded mug or wearing a beautifully made Ghana branded t-shirt tells everyone about your affiliation with the country and gives you great memories of your time there.

You cannot travel without picking a souvenir. When you leave Ghana after a great trip down here, you take away very unforgettable memories. These memories are best remembered when you have something that constantly reminds you. Taking a few gifts back home to the loved ones you left behind makes them feel loved, appreciated and stirs up their interest to visit Ghana as well.
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