Ghana: Father, son, run mad after 'Fufu' meal

It was a shocking and mysterious incident that shook residents of Camp 6 in the Bia West District of Western Region, Ghana, when a 40-year-old man, Emmanuel Azumbila and his young son, Enoch, allegedly ran mad after eating a local meal of 'Fufu' (A meal made by boiling cassava, yams or plantains and then pounding them into a dough-like consistency), 'Palm nut' soup.

According to reports, shortly after eating the meal that was bought from a nearby restaurant, the father and son began behaving in a strange manner, screaming and tearing off their clothes and running into the streets naked before other residents managed to get a hold of them.

They were quickly rushed to a hospital where doctors had to battle to hold them down to as to administer treatment on them. It was gathered that initial medical reports suggested that the meal may have been drugged or that the ingredients used to prepare the meal had been contaminated.
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