Russian police officers manhandle Nigerian prostitute in brothel raid (+video)

A Nigerian girl working as a prostitute in Russia have tasted the bile of that country's vigilante team led by former kick boxing champion, Viacheslav Datsik, who also calls himself Red Tarzan, as the team used the most cruel methods to subdue the prostitutes during a raid at a local brothel in St Petersburg.

After the raid and the humiliation handed out to the ladies, Red Tarzan posted a video of vicious attack on Youtube to show the world that he was proud of his work.
In one of the clips, one of the girls was heard asking Datsik in Pidgin English:

“Una wan kill me because I dey do ashawo?”

But Datsik as not in a mild mood as he kept twisting her arm so that his camera crew can get a clearer view of her face.
Another girl in one of the clips was also manhandled, though she resisted all attempt to make her show her face on camera.

A description of the video went thus:
“Former kick boxer, Viacheslav Datsik calls himself Red Tarzan and has declared war on prostitution in the city of St Petersburg.

The 36-year-old has reportedly been calling police and tipping them off, effectively orchestrating raids – but this time he personally conducted an attack.
Harrowing footage shows him and several other men including Stanislav Baretsky, a 44-year-old Russian musician and actor, raiding a brothel.

They enter a brothel room with a group of men – some have their hoods up and are wearing sunglasses.

Datsik can be seen holding a prostitute of African origin to the floor, pushing into her back with his knees.

He then appears to give her a beating as the camera pans around and intermittently blacks out.
In another video, Datsik is seen grabbing the hair and arms of two African prostitutes, so that he can show their faces to the camera.

All the while, Baretsky is standing next to them, but does not appear to physically harm them. Datsik then asks the women why they ‘infect Russian citizens with AIDS.”

Watch the videos here:

Russia 4828930846517295371

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