Scandal: Pastor in trouble for impregnating choir member

A so called man of God who is the General Overseer of a church in Lagos State, Nigeria, identified simply as Pastor Dan, has run into troubled waters after he was alleged to have impregnated a choir member in the church.

he incident which happened in the Ketu-Alapere area of the state, according to some disgruntled members, saw the church thrown into serious confusion after the 18-year-old girl who was said to be a model Christian, became pregnant and refused to disclose who was responsible.

The truth only came to light when the girl put to bed and confided in her close friend that it was the pastor who has been looking for a child as his wife could not give birth after over 20 years of marriage, was responsible.

A member of the church who did not want his name in print, said:

"We were shocked with the revelation that Pastor Daniel could descend so low to get that girl pregnant. This is a man who preaches every time against immorality and is quick to expel anyone found wanting.
The girl used to live with him but all of a sudden, she went back to living with her mother. Then it was discovered that she was pregnant and when I asked the mother whether she had mentioned who was responsible, the mother said when she put to bed, everyone will know."

"We all suspect that the mother knew all along but kept quiet. We got to realise when we did not see Pastor's wife for several weeks. It was one of her sisters who hinted someone that she left the house when she found out that her husband was responsible for the girl's pregnancy.

When the girl put to bed, it was Pastor Dan that named the baby but only gave out the first name without revealing the father's name. Then we elders decided to confront to hear the truth but instead of explaining, he got angry and began to lay curses on people.

As we speak, almost all the members have deserted the church because we can't continue in such a sinful place."
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