We must begin the fight against lesbianism – Ghanaian Actress

Upcoming Ghanaian actress, Shirley Emma Tibilla, has said that Ghana has not even begun the fight against lesbianism in secondary schools.

The beautiful actress, who was speaking at the premier of episodes 9 & 10 of Sparrow Production’s latest political drama series, Shampaign, said that in order for lesbianism to be curbed, it must be spoken about. Speaking to Citi Showbiz, Shirley said that although she had gone to an all-girls school, she has never had a personal experience with lesbianism, but admonished authorities to use the right methods to approach and to put a stop it.

“There is always a way to handle people when they are going wrong. Some people do well with just shouting and screaming, but other people do well with counseling; in fact, some situations require counseling. [The way in which] you go about a particular issue must be [considered carefully], otherwise you will offend the person who has actually sinned, to the point where [you might] even make her feel like she is right.”

Playing the role of the first lady, in Shampaign, a woman full of elegance and undying support for her husband, Shirley Emma Tibilla stresses on the need for our authorities to find constructive ways of combating the issue.

“Per a school’s rule, if you are caught [engaging in acts of] lesbianism, you are suspended [or even expelled]. But what is done after the suspension? What do we do? Some people get admission into other schools and continue [the act]. So this thing is never ending. Hence, what is it that must be done? Do we get counselors in our schools, do we get religious leaders, and do we have to pray? We need to look at all of that, apart from the suspension [and initial sanctions].”

Episodes 9 & 10 of Shampaign highlight the ordeal that young girl goes through, in a bid to come up with money to pacify a blackmailer, or risk being exposed for engaging in acts of lesbianism.

Shampaign has been premiering and showing at the Silverbird Cinemas at the Accra and West Hills Malls, for the past few weeks. It stars some of Ghana’s favorite actors and actresses including John Dumelo, Joselyn Dumas, Fred Amugi, Zynnell Zuh, Akorfa Adjeani-Asiedu, as well as many upcoming starlets.

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