Woman Gets Swollen Lips After Using Covergirl Lipstick

A Facebook user named Lily Cleopatra Maurice from Orlando, Florida, US, shared photos of her swollen lower lip from a hospital bed, claiming that they were caused by a Covergirl lipstick she used.

She wrote:


Please be aware of the queen collection cover girl lipstick. Purchased lip this week woke up choking with huge swollen lips. I had to be rushed to the

ER! Could’ve died in my sleep. Plz be careful with the harmful products in lipsticks.

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In a second post, Ms Maurice wrote:

“I know everyone is laughing and people can be so cruel even on my way to the ER people can be so hurtful with their tears and whispering.

I am a mother of 4 and my kids could’ve woke up without me over a lipstick…

I am trembling thinking about how lucky i was to have choked enough to awake for who know what could’ve happened to be. I all my family have. No uncles no aunties just me and hubby. Thankful to be alive and spend this day with my family.

All this because of a lipstick. Peace and love everyone”

The post has been shared over 17,000 times of Facebook.

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