Zimbabwe: Daring witch goes nude in church after confession

A self-confessed ‘witch’ from Bulawayo’s Pumula suburb caused a stir last Saturday when she stripped during a church service before sprinting to a house where she wanted to exhume human skulls.

The woman identified as Busi Ntini had reportedly attended an Apostolic church service when she started to manifest. To the shock of the congregants, she stripped confessing that there were human skulls which she ‘buried’ at house A5640 in Old Pumula.

When they were still trying to dress her up, she overpowered the congregants and managed to escape outpacing them from Pumula North to Old Pumula. The residents from Pumula North also followed as they were eager to see what had transpired as the naked woman was being chased by apostolic sect members in white gowns.

“People failed to catch the woman as she was so powerful and pushed away anyone who tried to stand in her way.

“She went straight to house 5640 in Pumula Old where she just demanded to be given a hoe and when they were still surprised what a naked person wanted to do with a hoe some congregants arrived and told them to give her.

“She then started to dig near the gate citing that there were human skulls which she wanted to exhume,” said the source.

Unfortunately some residents wanted to mete instant justice on her accusing her of being a witch and therefore disturbed her in the process. Police were alerted and they arrested the woman including the congregants.

A neighbour who identified herself as Irene Pasiku said: “Ntini used to stay at this house, but they sold it sometime last year following family fights over the house.

“When we saw her coming naked on Saturday morning around eight we were shocked. She demanded a hoe from the new owners of the house and started digging saying there were human skulls.

“Police arrived at the scene before she exhumed the skulls.”

She further revealed that the new owner of the house opened up on the day in question saying the house was a haunted one as they were having sleepless nights.

The owner of the house confirmed the incident, but declined comment saying the matter was being handled by police.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident saying the woman was later released.
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