Zimbabwe: Wizard confesses to turning people into donkeys

Villagers in Matsika area in Zaka under Chief Nhema were left numb with shock after a man from the area confessed that he was allegedly using juju to sleep with women in the village and that he also used his magic to turn people into donkeys which then slave for him in his fields.

The man, Admire Wasosa, reportedly claimed that he enjoyed using mubobobo on women than having to be with them. Wasosa confessed before headman Pearson Matsika saying he wanted to quit black magic practice.

He reportedly said his “retirement” came after he had allegedly slept with almost all women in his area. He, however, claimed that his juju did not work on women or girls who were still virgins.
Headman Matsika said Wasosa came and surrendered a red cloth and knobkerrie which he said was used to conduct his “wickedness”. Wasosa told the headman that he decided to quit his magical practice apparently after he had slept with all women in the area.

“Before this weird case of female teachers at Nhema Primary School who are complaining that one of the male teachers is using mubobobo on them, I once presided over a similar case of a man from this village who confessed that he was using mubobobo to sleep with women in the village. He said he slept with almost all women in the village, adding that he enjoyed using mubobobo than having to be with someone.

“Wasosa’s confession came after women complained that during the night they were experiencing mysterious close encounters and asked for permission from me to consult a traditional healer to expose the culprit. Before we hired a traditional healer he came forward and confessed that he was the one who was responsible for the mysterious bedroom attacks.”

Wasosa also confessed that he was in possession of juju which he used to mysteriously “turn” people into donkeys and use them to work all night in his garden and fields.

“As if that is not enough the man also claimed that he was in possession of juju which he was using to mysteriously turn people into donkeys and work for him during the night either in his garden or maize fields. We later burnt all his tools,” he said.
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