A man will never ask for your naked picture if he respects you – Ghanaian Counsellor

The outspoken Counselor George Lutterodt has criticized the increasing trend of leaked sex-tapes and pictures and warned couples to desist from the habit of making and sharing such content among themselves.

“Any man or woman who requests for your nude picture because they have missed you is calling you a harlot, prostitute and has disrespected you. If a man truly respects you, he will never ask you to send him a nude picture. This is disrespect to womanhood’.

“If you miss your partner, you have to physically go to them, you do not request for a sex video, which will one day become a shame to them,” he added.

“All these distant relations that people request videos and pictures have led people to become lesbians and homosexuals because they begin to fondle themselves and this leads to other things,” he said.

He warned men to be wary of women who voluntarily record and send such videos to them .

“Only prostitutes will sell themselves for gain. If you are going out with her and she sends you such a video, then know that you are in the biggest danger of your life because she is not a woman but a prostitute in disguise,” he stated.
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