Father batters paedophile who tried to rape his son

Police reports state that Sebastian Alonzo  from Hendersonville tried to rape a 7-year-old child on Monday, May 30, unknown to the 21-year-old rapist, the boy's father was in the house.

When the father, name withheld, noticed what the younger man was trying to do to his daughter whose name is also withheld for legal reasons, he sprung into action and attacked the assailant, detaining him until police came.

According to Tennessee Police, Sebastian Alonzo was staying at the house with the 7-year-old girl and his father at the time of the incident. He was given the beating of his life, with an eye nearly damaged after the incident.

Alonzo, sporting a freshly blackened eye at the time of his arrest was charged with attempted rape of a child and is currently being held on $250,000 bond, according to media outlet, The Tennessean.

He is due in court on June 22.
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