See how live spider is pulled out of woman's ear

A 42-year-old mother who believed she had a perforated eardrum was shocked when a nurse pulled out a live, wriggling spider that had been living inside her ear.

Victoria Price had just returned home after swimming in the sea when she began suffering horrendous earache.

Mrs. Price who is from Porthcawl, Wales, thought the pain was caused by an infection or that she may have perforated it – but it turned out to be something far more terrifying. ‘I got out of the shower [when I got home] and the pain in my ear was just incredible,’ she said.

A visit to accident and emergency, a nurse discovered a ‘chunky’ spider had crawled into her ear.

She pulled out the ‘live, wriggly’ creature, remarking that it was ‘twice as big as it first looked’.

Mrs Price who an IT trainer with South Wales Police, had been swimming off Newton Beach, Porthcawl, when the furry spider is thought to have nestled itself inside her head.

Sarah Gaze, emergency nurse practitioner at the hospital, had to overcome her own squeamishness while she dragged the creature out using forceps.

Ms Gaze said: ‘It was very straightforward. The spider was visible in Victoria’s inner ear and it came out quite easily.
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