Man found inside luggage box while trying to migrate illegally

Passengers were left in shock when a man strangely emerged from a luggage at a border in Zimbabwe after enduring too much pain squeezed up.

The man who is reported to be Zimbabwean is alleged to have been attempting an illegal entry into South Africa and thought the best way to achieve that was to squeeze himself into his friend’s luggage to cross borders.

However, after 45 minutes of squeezing himself in the luggage, he could no longer endure the pains in his limbs and had to come out at the BeitBridge Border post earlier than planned.

“The tall man in his early 20’s had squeezed himself into the case and was wheeled onto a Mercedes Benz Sprinter, disguised as his friend’s luggage. But the discomfort took its toll after 45 minutes, causing him to wail,” iMzansi reports.

“Shocked passengers alerted authorities after hearing strange noises coming from the unattended bag. Guards removed the case from the vehicle at Beitbridge and were stunned when a human hand emerged.”

The man is suspected to have been trying to escape the current conditions in Zimbabwe for greener pastures in South Africa.
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