Meet tribe of women who have a right to make love to anyone they want

Is there a world, where women rule and have all the rights and men have to cover up their faces and do all the work? Welcome Tuareg people. That’s how they have been living for thousands of years.

These people live the Sahara Desert and speak the Berber language. There are over 1.2 million of them. However, they are not so much known for their survival skills in the desert. What makes them really different is a matriarchy. At this Tuareg nations is Muslim! Is this even possible?

Matriarchy means that their rulers are women. Ladies have all the rights. They can pick their men; they can have intercourse any time they want and with any man they want. They possess all the property! If a husband and his wife get divorced, the woman keeps all the belongings. She leaves the man only one camel so that he would survive in the desert.

This is the only nation in the world, where men wear face covers. They have to keep them on even at home, and only the wife has the right to see the face of her husband! Well, actually the lover also has this right.

If a man wants to win over a woman, he has to write her poems. If she likes them and writes back, they can have an affair. So, if you think the life in your nation is hard for a man, think again. It seems like men and women exchanged their roles in the Tuareg community. Even though the men are hard workers and excellent warriors there, they respect the ladies and give them all the rights. This way of life exists for thousands of years unchanged. What an unusual and unexpected organization of a Muslim community!
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  1. Hmmm that's ridiculous
    Women ruling the world that's terrible
    U can see how they do their divorce
    Cos they are the one that makes the money
    But in civililized and western nations if you divorce a woman u will share half of you fortune



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