My wife is uncomfortable watching my romantic scenes - Ghanaian actor Van Vicker

Popular Ghana and Nollywood Actor Joseph Fiifi Van Vicker has revealed that his wife doesn’t find it easy watching his romantic scenes. The actor who finds himself in most movies, playing romantic roles surely has a lot of work and explanation to do in this regard.

Speaking on a yet to be released episode of Vibes in 5 with Arnold this Friday, Van confessed to host Arnold Mensah Elavanyo that even though his wife knows that the kissing and romancing he does in movies are not real, she is still unable to watch comfortably and accept that it is just an act.

“My wife believes in me so much and she knows am being professional but merrrrnnn she just can’t…’, he added.

He again adds that though she gets jealous over such roles, she does not parade herself around him on locations or meddle in his work activities.

Have you by now wondered why Van Vicker’s wife gets jealous anytime he kisses or romances in a movie?

Then find out in this week’s episode if the kissing he does is real or stage. Also find out if sex in movies is real or staged.
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