Popular Ghanaian boxer Bukom Banku turns pastor

In recent times, strange things have been happening in the life of popular Cruiser weight boxer, Braimah ‘Bukom Banku’ Kamoko, with the la...

In recent times, strange things have been happening in the life of popular Cruiser weight boxer, Braimah ‘Bukom Banku’ Kamoko, with the latest being his public announcement that he is now a Holy-Spirit-filled and born again Christian.

The boxer, days after his self-claimed conversion to Christianity, has been spotted at and around Bukom, in the heart of Accra, preaching the ‘salvation’ message of Christ with a bible firmly stuck in his armpit.

The boxer has hired a rather noisy public address system and is often seen on the Bukom park preaching and pleading with residents to become ‘born again’ because according to him, “Without Christ, no one can see the Lord.”

He is also reported to have made some rather disturbing confessions about his private life before his recent conversion to Christianity.

Strangely, not many people have taken the boxer seriously and have described his new passion for preaching as a ‘nine-day wonder.’

It is not clear who trained the lay preacher to explain the teachings of the Bible, but certainly, he has become a ‘teacher’ of the word of God days after he claimed he had found Christ.

He would often start by shouting Christian songs of praise, followed by worship songs, prayers and then ends with a sermon, laced with questionable doctrines.

Not only has Bukom Banku changed from an abusive person to a supposed Christian, but his complexion has also changed from the bleached fairness to charcoal black.

The boxer recently went haywire bleaching as though he was on a suicide mission and used all sorts of vulgarism and unprintable insults to respond to persons who criticized his bleaching passion.

He recently announced his resignation from boxing and revealed that he would be focusing on partisan politics. It is not clear why he has added the work of a Christian missionary to his pastimes.

“I’ve stopped boxing and I’m now a politician. Yes, I want to concentrate fully on my ambassador to Germany job when President Mahama wins the 2016 election,” the boxer announced on 3FM this week.

He said his bleaching spree was inspired by a desire to be appointed as Ghana’s Ambassador to Germany if President Mahama is retained at the presidential polls this December.

Bukom Banku, in his campaign to retain President Mahama, has also recorded several audio-visuals and posted them on social media.

In some of the recordings, Bukom is seen near-naked and dancing his heart out while using insulting words on persons who disagreed to his political preference.

The boxer once appeared in the studios of Live 91.9 FM in Accra wearing a conspicuous make-up on his eye lashes.

He spoke to the station in his characteristic bastardized English: “Ghana people go talk that make I stop the bleaching. I will stop but after the elections. I beg all the Ghanaians to leave me for six months. I will stop bleaching for us because I’m the Ghana….

“I dey bleaching myself because when Oluman” (referring to President John Mahama) “wins election, he go give me ambassador for Germany. I dey bleaching myself, me and German people are make white white. I don’t want to use Black to go Germany,” he claimed.
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