Rain At The Wrong Time! T.B. Joshua’s Prophecy Hits Home For South Africa

T.B. Joshua’s prophecy regarding rain coming at the wrong times for South Africa comes to light as a tornado hit Gauteng province in the midst of the country’s worst drought in 35 years.

​The tornado caused extensive damage and it is clearly not welcome news for the already struggling South African farmers. It is ironic that the tornados, widespread hail and heavy rain come two days after AgriSA‚ an organization that represents commercial farmers in South Africa, said that 15,000 of the 35,000 commercial farmers are struggling and “have their backs against the wall” because of the latest drought.

T.B. Joshua hinted on how the unpredictable weather would adversely affect farmers in the SADC region. While recapping his 2016 prophecy for the year, on Sunday 3rd of January, the cleric said:

“There will be little rain at the wrong time. When rain falls at the wrong time, it cannot be a befit to crops or farming. It is better not to fall at all than to fall at the wrong time. That little rain at the wrong time which is not good for farming. Many farmers will be discouraged.”

In the midst of the tornadoes and heavy rain which clearly came ‘at the wrong time’, the SADC has appealed for immediate humanitarian assistance due to the food scarcity caused by shortage in food production as a result of the drought.
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