Sad story of Bablu, man with largest arm

His name is Bablu, and he lives in India. This young man is tall and good looking, but one of his arms has grown immensely.

It weighs over 20 kg, just one arm! The young man is just  25  years of age. He lived in Mumbai, but his family disowned him, and he had to run for his life, as all the neighbors called him “devil’s child”.

He suffers from a condition called gigantism. Luckily only one arm is affected by it. Still, the man has a very hard time finding a job, even though his other arm is fully functional. People are afraid of him and think some dark forces are involved with his life.

Doctors can do a surgery and lessen the size of his arm, but they can never make it healthy, like his other limb. He still can do few simple tasks with his gigantic hand. He can take up a cup of water with the hugely large fingers.

People are not born with this condition. They can develop it during their lives. And up to 13 persons out of every 100 000 get it. Gigantism is stimulated by the excessive growth hormone production. Let’s hope this man with the largest arm can find help and acceptance from people.
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