Satan worshipper initiates several women at hospital

A daring servant of darkness reportedly caused panic at Mpilo Central Hospital, Zimbabwe, last week after she reportedly attempted to initiate several mothers admitted to the children’s Orange Ward into her satanic cult.

It is reported that last Wednesday night, one woman woke up in the dead of the night and undressed before waking up five other women. She ordered them to eat some fruits before instructing them to undress because the ritual had to be done in the nude.

In the ward, there were seven mothers and only one person was excluded from the ritual after she claimed to be “untouchable”. The ritual went ahead and some women were initiated and later given things to take home. The matter came to light the following day when the alleged Satanist’s husband came in the company of a prophetess.

One of the women who was admitted to the ward at the time said: “On the following day, no one talked about what had transpired during the night until the time when her husband came during visiting hours in the company of a prophetess.
“He then asked us whether his wife had not given us any problems during the night and we asked what he meant,” she said.

She explained how things proceeded afterwards.
“He told the prophetess to pray and she quizzed the woman why she was at the hospital.
“The prophetess then declared that her child was not sick, but she had deliberately made her sick to gain access into the hospital ward for easy targets,” she added.

The prophetess was hard at work.
“She was then ordered to remove what she had put inside the baby’s body. Surprisingly she miraculously took out some things from its ears, stomach and knees,” said one of  the patients.

The terrified mothers, fearing for their lives and of their children, then reported the matter to the matron.

It is reported that after the weird incident, some patients escaped from the hospital while others were moved to the Yellow Ward leaving the “satanist” alone at the Orange Ward.
When a B-Metro news crew visited the ward on Wednesday, the mothers who witnessed the incident confirmed but would not narrate what had happened saying they feared that would put their children’s lives in danger.

“We are the only ones who are still at the hospital since that day when it all happened, so we fear for our children’s lives. We cannot talk to you. But if you need information talk to the matron because the issue was reported to her,” said two women who witnessed the incident.

When the hospital’s acting chief executive officer Leonard Mabhandi was contacted for comment he said he was not aware of the incident.

“Sorry I have not been informed of such an incident,” he said.
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