4 dogs reportedly eat elderly man alive

The owner of the dogs, Lephus Felton
The shocking and horrible death of an elderly Florida man have now turned up online.

The news reports reveal that the dogs had managed to escape their owners compound after which they had grabbed the deceased identified as Michael Downing, 83, as her took out his trash bag.

The dogs dragged Mr Downing underneath the fence and back to their house where they proceeded to eat him alive. The deceased was reportedly unrecognisable when he was found.

The owner of the dogs, Lephus Felton, who now faces criminal charges and the death of his dogs, insists that the dogs must have been provoked to the attack.

Eddie Edwards who discovered the disfigured corpse of Mt Downing Told News 4 Jax:
"That's a horrible way to go. I couldn't imagine being mauled to death - it doesn't look like something you want to see.”
Another man, Mackenzie Partin, who was with Edwards at the time of the discovery adds:
"He was eaten alive."

Mr Felton revealed that  his dogs are trained to protect his home and would not have attacked except threatened.

He said:
"He had to be antagonising my dogs to be pulled under there ... even the police say because he got pulled underneath.
"So he had to stick his hands under there, so that's when they grabbed him, I guess."
Felton adds that his dogs, "ain't no vicious dogs"

However, neighbours claim to have complained about Mr Felton's dogs before and according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's office, the police have been called to Mr Feton's home 14 times in the last five years.
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