5 annoying things Ghanaians do at the cinema

Cinemas have always been a thing in Ghana but they were mostly private movie houses and not many patronized them. However, with the appearance of big cinema franchises  like Silverbird and the newly established Global cinemas, the cinema culture is a fast growing popular way to hang out, chill with friends and relax.

While going to the cinema is a fun activity and is supposed to be relaxing, there are some who try to add their own style to movie-watching which seems funny at first glance but gets annoying very fast. We’ve compiled 5 annoying things some Ghanaians do at the cinema.

1. The commentators: These people are the most popular of the bunch. For some reason, they take it upon themselves to always make a comment about every scene in the movie that is being shown. They are loud, and try to be funny. They actually are not. Tell me you haven’t wanted to smack one into silence before.

2. The ‘here for the selfies’: Before the movie starts they are taking selfies. once the light goes dark and the movie starts, they are taking selfies. After the movie, they are still taking selfies. They even take selfies at the entrance to the cinema. While you’re trying to watch a movie, there’s always that annoying flash of light followed by the ‘kr3‘ of the phone camera.

3. The Talkative: This person or group of persons could not seem to find anywhere to have their loud conversations. From the beginning to the end of the movie, they are heard talking, giggling and snickering. There is always a general ‘shhhhhh‘ thrown at them when they get too loud. Such terrible cinema manners, right?

4. The ‘Always laughing‘: You’ve seen the type. They never seem to laugh when everybody is laughing or always laugh after the funny scene. And they tend to have the worst laughs as well. They seem to laugh at everything, even if it’s a horror scene.

5. The group with the kids: These people bring their kids of all ages to ANY kind of movie. Not just the one for kids. And they constantly have to get up to either run after the kids or check on them outside. Some have brought babies who scream out their lungs during the movie. It’s  quite frustrating, no?
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