6-year-old wedded to 55-year-old in exchange for goat

A 55-year-old man has reportedly been arrested after marrying a 6-year-old goat in return for a goat.

The suspect, Seyed Abdolkarim, was arrested after the police recieved information that the middle aged man had married the young girl identified simply as, Gharibgol, in a religious ceremony in Afghanistan.

Gharibgol was reportedly married off to Abdolkarim by her father, who has also been arrested by the police, in exchange for a goat as well as other food stuffs including rice, tea, sugar, and cooking oil.

Following his arrest, Gharibgol's dad disclosed that he had been struggling with his family's upkeep, adding adding the marriage meant one less mouth to feed and gained food stuffs.

A video footage taken by Fawad Ahmady for The Observers, shows Gharibgol’s father's arrest in his village as local women attacked him, beating him up.

The father revealed that he had married Gharibgol to Abdolkarim under promises that he would not sleep with her till she was 18 years of age.

Abdolkarim, a respected imam in the area, is reported to have taken his new child bride to the house of a relative in Firozkoh, in Ghor province, claiming that she was his daughter. His relatives had later become concerned after Abdolkarim had begun undressing Gharibgol at night.

The report reads:
"So he asked the mullah, 'she’s not your daughter?'

"The mullah replied, 'no, she’s my wife; her father gave her to me'. The host told a friend, who called the local women rights bureau for Ghor province.

"Tests carried out by the hospital in Ghor show that "there was no sexual intercourse".
Gharibgol is reportedly being housed in protective custody with her mother at a safe location while further investigations are being carried out.
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