How to overcome to bad habits of masturbation and p*rn addiction

Masturbation can quickly turn into a dangerous habit. It can even become an addiction and ruin your life. How do you stop it? Let’s get some practical tips on becoming free.

Do only men masturbate?

For some reason, women are viewed as less sexual beings than men. That’s not true. They have human bodies with passions and desires, too. However, many ladies are even more ashamed to acknowledge the fact they masturbate, because it is so “unladylike”.  But, yes, women also do it!

Who are these people?

You may be an excellent person with high morals. You have a good education and profession; you may even attend the church or be in the ministry. And you are ashamed to admit: you cannot stop masturbating. You not alone!

Those who do it are not only some immoral jerks, drunkards or sinners. Most people have done it a few times in their lives. Even pastors and ministers do it! And the better person you are, the harder it gets for you to ask for help!

How does it start?

At times our friends get us into it. They offer you to watch a p*rn movie or get online and visit some “hot” website. You get fun and barely notice how the onetime thing turns into a habit and a habit transforms into an addiction.

There are some men out there who spend hours online watch p*rn and masturbating up to 20 times a day! They really cannot stop it. They have completely lost control over the thing.

How do they feel about it?

Some of them refuse to admit the addiction.  It works the same way any addiction does. Those who drink or do drugs often fail to recognize the problem. The same things happen with masturbation. Others crave to get help but are too ashamed to confront their problem openly.

They feel helpless and lonely. They cannot approach their family members or pastors to ask for help. Some of these people are ministers, and they have no one to help them without judging them. They get desperate.

What can masturbation addiction do to you?

It can ruin your walk with God. It can destroy your family, too. You see, you have a secret. You start having a secret life and cannot share it with your spouse. And many men become unable to perform in bed with the real women. They need p*rn to get the erection. So, it kills you the natural ability for sex.

How to stop the addiction to p*rn and masturbation:

1. Find help

Get online and find a community where people with the similar problems get help. Meet a counselor or talk to the minister.

2. Block the p*rn sites

There are programs you can use to do that. Deny yourself access to such sites.

3. Avoid solitude

It’s hard to withstand the temptation if you stay alone much. Get out, be with your family, spend time with kids or friends.

4. Get a new hobby

Get a new interest in life. Learn something new. Join some group or start learning a new language or instrument.

5. Do workouts

Physical exercises help you to get refocused and shift your attention from sex and masturbation to something else.

6. Talk to your spouse

It’s best to do it with the counselor. Open up and share your problem. Explain why you had recent troubles in sex with your wife or husband. Ask them to help you.

7. Be accountable


Get a support group or a friend and promise to tell them the truth. Become accountable to someone and be honest with them no matter what.

8. Pray

Set up special prayer time and ask God to get your body under control.

Remember you are not alone in this problem and you can beat it.  God and other people can help you overcome the addiction.
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