Husabnd cuts off wife's hands for not giving him a baby in 7 years of marriage

A Kenyan man, Stephen Ngila Thenge, has set the East African country on fire after he allegedly cut off the two hands of his wife, Jackline Mwende, for not being able to get pregnant for him after seven-years of marriage.

The Nation Kenya which says the action is about the most barbaric case of domestic violence in the country,  reports that the 34-year-old Thenge, after beating the 28-year-old Mwende silly and inflicting severe injuries on her, he used a knife to cut off her two hands out of the frustrations of her not being able to give him a child.

The incident happened in Kathama Village, Masii, in the Machakos County, on July 24.

Mwende who is still recuperating in the hospital from injuries she suffered on her head and neck from the gruesome attack, told Nation that she had been having issues with Thenge and had wanted to leave him but was advised against it by their pastor.

"I could not understand why he was blaming me yet we had gone to hospital last year and the doctors had said he was the one with issues, which could be corrected but he refused to go for a treatment.

He moved out of our house three months ago and came back on Sunday (July 24) at around 8.30pm. When I opened the door, he said, ‘today is your last day’ and started slashing me with the panga (machete).

As he was inflicting injuries on me, I cried and called for help but he fled before neighbours arrived. They were all afraid of touching me, they thought I was dead. I was rushed to Machakos Hospital where I was given painkillers and got a blood transfusion. I was discharged on Friday."

The fleeing Thenge was arrested the following day, Monday, July 25, in Machakos town, hours after he fled his home in Masii.
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