Mother confesses to sleeping with her son to maintain his wealth

This story may sound a bit weird and out of this world but bloggers in Zambia swear it is true. It tells the secret of the success story of a young man whose 52-year-old mother, Yvonne Banda, confessed that she has sex with him every other Wednesday so that his wealth will be sustained.

According to the story, Banda, from Ndola District, a rich commercial town in the Copperbelt Province, known for its prowess in mining, had taken her son, Abel, to a witch doctor in 2002 to help him get riches and parts of the rituals was for her to sleep with the young man on a regular basis so that the source of the wealth would not diminish and since then, she and her son had been engaging in the incestuous relationship.

According to Banda, since she and Abel began sleeping together, he has grown into a very rich man who has tentacles in the transportation business, which has grown tremendously and he now owns a fleet of trucks, buses and other small cars.

But worried of the sins she has been committing with her son and no longer comfortable with her position, Banda went to a man of God, the Pastor and Founder of Great Kingdom Church who prayed for her and told her to confess her sins or she would die a shameful and painful death, prompting her to come clean.
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