Nollywood actress Ebube Nwagbo expresses her fear of marriage

With the number of divorces recorded yearly, it's no wonder Ebube Nwagbo has fears of ever being married.

With the number of divorces recorded yearly, it's no wonder Ebube Nwagbo has fears of ever being married.

The Nollywood actress opened up on her fears in a recent interview with Star Gist, adding that she might be single but she is not searching.

“Marriage is always going to be at the right time, and don’t ask me when is the right time.
“I’m single but I’m not searching, Why would I?Well, I am seeing somebody, but starting my own family I can’t say for now. But I will do that at the right time.I don’t like doing something and later jump out of it.I take my time to do whatsoever I want to do making sure it is the right decision.I am scared of marriage, we see divorce every day.

"Although no one goes into marriage believing she would soon jump out of it.I strongly believe that before a couple considers divorce, they must have put in their best to make it work, all to no avail.Marriage in the limelight is not easy, even those outside it are not surviving easily. For me, before I take the decision, it just has to be right.

“I have learnt a lot from other people’s mistake and that has helped me a lot.
“Being in a relationship alone is not easy not to mention marriage, I just want to do it right to avoid regret. So I am treading carefully."

Nwagbo also disclosed that most people do not know the real her as she hides her personality in a bid to create an impression suitable to her status as a celebrity.

“I try to keep to myself, but the industry where I find myself is a complex one.You have to be very close to me to know the real Ebube, because most times I camouflage just to create an impression.

“The real me is not what you see on TV or read on the papers , but I am also human; I have my moods, my bad sides, my flaws, etc.I love the good thing of life, so I work hard to get them.
“I only stress myself when money is involved."

Only recently, Nwagbo and colleague, Daniella Okeke were throwing shades at each other on Instagram over an issue involving a man, leaving us wondering about what could have ensued between the pair.

Other than that, Nwagbo has not been linked with any man in particular in terms of relationships.
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