Pastor reportedly turns water into blood in South Africa

Do you believe in miracles? Today some “prophets” try to surprise the laymen and do shocking things in churches. Learn what happened in South Africa and why local believers were stunned.

The prophet’s name is Fernando. He did something that really stirred the congregation of the church. Allegedly he turned water to blood during the service and all the present there saw it.

According to Southern Daily the same man, who also has a stage name Prophett Ralidzivha, asked people to pour the water into a metal bowl. They also had to write the notes with their prayer needs.

He placed the letters into the water in the dish and prayed over them. At that moment the water in it turned to blood.

Previously the man did several of the stunning “miracles” in front of his congregation and won their respect. However, no video of the marvelous deeds was taken for us to see and witness the miracles and signs. It is possible the man fooled people by doing some kind of chemical trick with the water.

For instance one can use Phenolphthalein to mix it with the water and turn it red, looking like wine or blood. It’s a simple scientific trick, and some “prophets” use them to impress the people. Surely, God does miracles, but He is not a clown in the circus, and true signs are not meant to entertain the church.
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