6 jobs that can make your partner cheat on you

What are those jobs that make it easier for one to cheat on their partner?

What are those jobs that make it easier for one to cheat on their partner?


Working as a receptionist is nice, but it is one of those jobs that can push one to cheat on their partner, due to its nature.

The reception desk is one of the most important in any organization because it is where visitors and clients are initially welcomed (received) before they’re sent to any other office(s) they may want to go. So by implication, the receptionist is 24/7 in close contact with a large number of people (from different backgrounds and with varying intentions). Also by ethics, he/she is expected to be friendly to every visitor/client. Now, you know what that can mean— being ‘nice’ can lead to flirting and flirting to something else, maybe; unless that person has some real self-control.


A secretary is the boss’ personal assistant. He/she must be available at all times to help the boss with important documents and papers— even if the boss has to travel to another state or country, their secretary must go with them, and you’ll agree with me that it can be dangerous, especially since there are too many people with twisted motives these days. Ever wondered why most male bosses would rather hire a female as their secretary? You think it’s all in the ‘marketing appeal’, right? Lol.


Offshore oil jobs pay a lot of money, but it also has a negative side and that can create trust issues between couples.

People in this type of job are required to spend two weeks on the job, and two weeks off the job each month. Multiply that by 12 and you have 6 months on and 6 months off, every year. You’d agree that unless you’re single, that is a lot of time to be away from one’s partner in one year. People have feelings and there’ll be times when you may be tempted to indulge them, if absolute care isn’t taken.


Just like offshore jobs, aviation jobs are time-demanding as well. Pilots are always in the skies, leaving their wives behind for days and weeks, sometimes. They may be tempted to find a woman to chill with when the need arises and their partners (or spouses) are nowhere near. Sometimes, they don’t even have to look too far, with the sort of pretty hostesses they have on board. Same goes for the spouses they left behind… after all, they too have needs.


Ever wondered why there are more divorces and breakups in show business more than in other industries? These guys (musicians, actors, designers, comedians, etc) are practically adored by a lot of people the world over and some of these fans would do anything to bed their favourite stars. Of course, celebrities are humans too, so sometimes, they may be tempted to cave in— especially, if they’re on tour or far away from home.


Someone once told me, “medicine is a respectable profession, but doctors are nau_ghty people.” And as much as I want to disagree with her, I think she has a point. You only need to have doctor friends to understand. Lol. Many doctors are heavy womanizers and this is largely due to the nature of their job. Doctors have to deal with a lot of people every day and some of these people wouldn’t mind sleeping with their ‘favourite’ docs as a way of showing appreciation for excellent service. And then, you have the nurses, some of whom come to work in very eye-catching dresses … only a very mature man would be able to work in such an environment, and maintain his faithfulness to his partner. Of course, female doctors cheat too, so they’re not an exception.

P.S: This post is not in any way saying that everyone in the above professions are cheats. There are lots of people who are in the above listed professions and still maintain a faithful (honest) relationship.
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