African migrants, Ghanaians cited in illegal organ trade deal

A notorious human organ smuggler in Egypt, Nouredin Atta, has revealed to Russian Today television that some illegal African immigrants including Ghanaians are selling their organs in Egypt.

The shocking revelation by Nouredin shows that human organ traffickers in Egypt use prostitutes to tempt these Africans who do not have the necessary documentation and money into selling their organs for up to $100,000.

“The Egyptians come equipped to remove the organ and transport it in insulated bags,” Nouredin Atta told the investigation following his detention, as cited by the Times.

Egypt remains a hub for migrants and is a transit point for those who want to travel to Europe as reports from the international organisation for migration show that one in ten refugees arriving in Italy arrive through Egypt.

So far, the names of the Ghanaian immigrants remain unknown as Ghana’s foreign affairs ministry is yet to confirm from its embassy in the region.

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