Jacob Zuma's son in trouble for allegedly trying to rape secretary at work

It seems s_exual scandals have become typical of the Zuma family. Zuma’s son was arrested yesterday over charges that he r_aped his secretary in his office in Joburg.

Live Monitor got more details on the incident from one of Zuma’s workers who managed to speak on condition of anonymity. He said yesterday he was working late when at around 7 pm he heard screams and shouts coming from his boss’s office.

“I ran towards his office, just knocked down the door and there I saw Zuma trying to force himself on Thandiwe. I immediately grabbed him, knocked him down to the floor and told Thandi to call the police.”

“Whilst I held him down Thandi told me how Zuma had asked her to help him finish up some work and then later he called her to his office where he tried to make some s_exual advances towards her to which Thandi resisted. He then forced himself on her and a few moments later I came in rescued her.”

“When the police arrived Zuma was arrested and Thandi was immediately taken to the hospital.”

Davies Zuma who runs his fathers’ (Moses Zuma) accountancy firm in Joburg is yet to appear before court for r_ape charges.

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