One legged stripper favourite in South African nightclub

A one legged stri_pper has become a crowd favorite at a popular stri_pping joint in downtown Pretoria. Only known as Ausi, the 22 year old woman has become a crowd puller and men are seen packing up the club whenever she is advertised to perform.

LiveMonitor tracked down Ausi at her place in Mabopane and the bubbly character invited us in for a chat. She says she is originally Mozambican and came to South Africa when she was 18. “I had both legs when I came to South Africa and the lady who brought us here introduced us to pro_stitution. I did not have a choice as I did not know anyone in South Africa”, she said.

On how she lost her leg, Ausi said she was involved in a horrible accident in 2013, just a year after she came to South Africa. “The doctors said they had to cut off my leg”, she sighed. After she recovered, she could not find any other job so she decided to learn strip teasing. “I am naturally flexible so it was not a huge challenge for me and I just pictured the pole as my other leg”, she beamed.

Things have not been all rosy though,  as Ausi claims the other ladies of the night are jealous of her since she makes the most money. “I do not know whether people give me money because I am good or they feel sorry for me. I am not complaining though”, she said.

On a good night, Ausi said she makes roughly R700.

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