Popular transgender Miss Sahhara slams Nigerian journalists

Nigerian-born transgender queen, Miss Sahhara, is not very happy at the moment as she has drawn the battle line with Nigerian journalists whom she says have been trying so much to bring her down by always referring to her as a former man.

She is, in particular, angry at journalists from her home state, Benue, whom she say have been feeding the public with wrong information about her to mislead the people into believing she was a man before going under the knife to become a woman.

Born Clifford Oche to Idoma  parents, but now known as Iris Sahhara Henson, before now, had issued a stern warning to Nigerian bloggers and journalists to stop addressing her as a man, claiming she has always been a woman.

Worse hit is a top journalist from her state, Ameh Comrade Godwin, whom she says has been peddling wrong stories about her and has severally blocked him from her social media accounts.

According to Ameh, the CEO of Idoma Voice Newspaper and Idoma Television, who spoke with Pulse, Miss Sahhara, and her family back home are not happy with him for exposing their son, turned daughter.

"There was a time she reacted to one of our reports, calling me an untrained and hungry journalist for daring to write about her. She has since blocked me on twitter.
The truth is all I have been writing about her; none of them is untrue. Is she denying the fact that her father’s name is Agbo Ella, or her village is Otukpo Nobi, or she was a student of Benue State University and former Press Club president? Which one be lie again Abeg free me jare, my ‘sweet sister.’

In fact, her father even called me when we published the story few years back and told me to come and do an interview with but I am yet to find out time to go for the interview; which I will do in no distant time,” Ameh said.

Also in her line of war is an online magazine based in Benue, Idoma Voice, as also has issues to grind with them. Idoma Voice it was that first broke the news of Miss Sahhara and gave a chronicle of her life from being a man to becoming a woman through surgery.

On August 15, 2014, Idoma Voice had published a story titled: 'CLIFFORD OCHE: Untold story of an Idoma boy who turned into a woman' and since then, they became her sworn enemy as she is yet to forgive them.
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