South Africa: Soweto woman opens school of orga_sms

A Soweto woman is offering men practical lessons on how to help their partners reach orga_sms. The 27 year old mother of 2 with a Psychology Degree says she got the idea after struggling to get a job and thus decided to try something new.

“I graduated Cum-Laude from Unisa but I just could not get a job”, she said. She also says she was inspired by her past relationships and realised that she actually did not have as much or_gasms as she would have loved to have. This forced her to do a research and she found out that many people had the same problem. Both male and female. “Some even go a year without ever reaching one and this can be damaging to a relationship especially when one is faking it”.

The woman runs classes everyday from her house and she says everything is discreet as she only does one on one classes as well as combined classes for those who are not shy. “I use a variety of s_ex toys and dolls and toys for the lessons and teach you where to touch and what to do for your partner to really enjoy”

She also said she was not yet advertising her business and everything was still by word of mouth. “I do not want to be overwhelmed with customers, I will advertise soon enough”, she smiled.
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