Woman bumps into whatsapp texts between husband and male lover

The Highfield teenager whose allegedly gay relationship with a newly married man was exposed through a whatsapp profile picture says he wants to get help from anyone who can deliver him from homose_xuality.

Zein Joseph Tawonengwere, 18 is said to have approached a 25-year-old married man Liberty Nyambere at a church service for an illicit affair and exchanged contact numbers.

“I do not like what I do but it is beyond my control. I want to be healed. If there is anyone who can help me out there they should feel free to help me out,” he added.

The matter was exposed after Liberty’s wife suspected him of having an affair with a girl. Zein saved a girl as his Whatsapp profile picture and his romantic text messages with Liberty were discovered by the latter’s wife who failed to believe that the sender was male. Zein’s mother said she always thought that people were lying when she heard rumors that her son was gay.

“I have always heard rumours that my son was gay but I always thought that people were lying. I am very disappointed in him. I could have taken him for more prayers to our prophet Shame but I have no money since they want more money to attend to personal problems,” she said.

One of Liberty’s relatives shaved Zein’s head as punishment. Liberty was forced by his wife to trap Zein to prove that he was male and the latter came to his house where he was thoroughly bashed by Liberty’s relatives after he undressed for se_x. Liberty told H-Metro that after his wife discovered his rather explicit conversation with Zein, he decided to trap him to save his marriage.

“My wife was accusing me of cheating because she came across chats between Zein and I tried explaining to her because Zein had a girl on his profile picture. I then decided to invite him over to my house so that my wife would be convinced that I was not cheating on her.

I asked him to come over and when he entered the house he went straight to sit on my bed. My wife and my neighbors then came in to quiz him on the nature of our relationship and he confessed that he wanted me to have se_x with him,” he said.

Zein apologized for his action saying it was the devil who was using him as a vessel.

“I do not know what happened to me. I am a church going person and I attend House of Grace, my prophet is Shame Hungwe. He is aware of my problem but he has failed to help me out. I was abused when I was grade seven by my uncle but by the time I ran away from their house I was already enjoying having sex with other men. I do admit that I texted Liberty but I did not know he was married.

I met him at church and we exchanged numbers. We started chatting and I ended up texting him suggestive messages but he did not brush me off so I thought I had a chance. When he asked me to come over I did not think that he would trap me like this,” said Zein.

H-Metro sought comment from prophet Shame Hungwe and he promised to meet Zein and attend to his problems.

“We will make sure we attend to him. Can you send his mother’s contact number please said prophet Hungwe.

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