6 Nigerians you should never invite to your house party

The disc jockey playing your favourite songs, guys and ladies sweating it out on the dance floor, and there are enough booze and drinks to...

The disc jockey playing your favourite songs, guys and ladies sweating it out on the dance floor, and there are enough booze and drinks to go round. These are the things that happen in different homes in Lagos especially during weekends.

This implies that we all love a good party. But, things could go awry if you invite the wrong people to the party. Even your scary, muscular, and burly looking bouncers will not save the day. They are just party spoilers.

To help you prevent any troubles during your house party, we share 6 types of people you should NEVER invite to your house party.

The Music dictator

The music dictators are the ones that will never allow the disc jockey to do his job. They keep pestering the Dj annoyingly requesting him to change the song especially if they do not like it. If everyone don’t like the song the Dj is playing, it is a recipe for chaos. This is why it is important for you to get a reputable Dj who knows the right song to play at the right time.

The person who cannot handle Alcohol

The sight of free alcohol or booze makes them lose their sense of control or discipline. They gulp and gulp until they are utterly drunk. Since alcohol is now controlling them, they fight everyone, throw and say irrational things. Jumia Travel advice you should evict such people before their erratic and alcoholic influenced actions get worse. Better still, don’t invite them to your party.

The girlfriend poacher

They spend their time at the party hitting on different girls even if they came with their woman. They don’t care whose ox is gored by their action. If you dull yourself, they will disappear with your girlfriend! They are natural players and their charms can get them any woman. Strike them out of the list of invitees.

The Strangers

The strangers are the friend of your friend. You have never met them before but they have the privilege of knowing your friends. These happen at all parties. What you should do is to tell your friends to let you know if they are coming with friends. If they don’t, you should not grant them access to your party.

The person who doesn’t know when to leave

The party ends at 10pm but you still find them till 12am. They want to spend the night in your home which you are uncomfortable with. Everyone should know when to leave a party even if you are living remotely.

The Drug addicts

The easiest drug to get into a party is Indian hemp. They are addicted to this weed. In addition, they are the ones that mix these drugs in drinks. You should not invite them.
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