6 Things To Do After S8x To Improve Your Relationship

We all know how se_x can help create a bond between you and your spouse but there is something else you need to do right after se_x to improve your relationship.

Kissing, caressing and loving talk right after se_x can help improve your relationship.So how does kissing, caressing and loving talk after se_x help your relationship? Doing all these right after se_x can act as a form of nonverbal communication which helps you and your spouse relax, inhibit any sensations of pain—emotional or physical—and help reinforce to your partner that you are invested and committed to them.

Kissing, caressing and loving talk right after se_x releases oxytocin which is also known as love hormone and it has been shown to increase bonding.

So don’t be in a hurry to get out of bed after se_x with your spouse, kiss your spouse, caress your spouse and say sweet things to your spouse.

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