Burglar gets raped by gay victims

A burglar who thought he had hit the jackpot ended up regretting his targeted house after he was ‘raped’ by the occupants, who happened to be gay. Mashudu Ndalamo of Mpumalanga Zone 8 endured a night of pain and anguish after he was caught in the process of stealing electrical goods from a house in the neighborhood.

What Mashudu had not known was that the owners of the house were two gay men with a fe_tish for a three_some and bongage.

Detailing his ordeal to LiveMonitor, Mashudu said he gained entry into the house after seeing the window was left open. As soon as he got inside the house, he was welcomed by the two ga_y lovers who seemed rather happy to see him, Mashudu says. “They actually smiled at me and said they wanted to teach me never to steal again. I thought they wanted to beat me up because they had whips but when I saw some strawberries and cream, I almost fainted”, he said.

The owners of the house, names withheld, went on to fulfill their deranged se_xual fantasies on the defenseless Mashudu who could not even scream for he feared the community would kill him. “I had to choose between getting my bu_m poked or screaming and awakening the community. The community would have easily killed me. I chose to be violated”, Mashudu said.

The traumatised man said the whole incident lasted over 3 hours. “I got into heir house at 2 am and they let me go at 5am. They even made me suck their manh_oods. I feel dirty.”

Mashudu refused to report the incident to the police saying he feared he would face a counter charge for breaking and entering.
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