Donald Trump Introduces Black 'Wife' To Prove His ‘Love’ For Black People

Republican Party Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, has pulled a shocker after introducing the world to a second wife .

The billionaire shocked the masses when he announced that all is set for his wedding to black American beauty and singer Jennifer Kate Hudson. Hudson rose to fame in 2004 as a finalist on the third season of American Idols, coming in seventh place.

“Near the end of the rally, I thought Donald was joking when he asked Jennifer to come forward and meet the supporters,one thing I admire about this controversial move is that his wife Melania seems happy with the decision.

“When the love of your life is not concerned about your controversial decisions,there is nothing to worry about. I am actually supporting Trump on this one”, said one of his supporters who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Political scientist, Alan Abramowitz said Donald Trump’s decision to marry a black woman was not out of love for the woman but for selfish reasons.
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