Don't Leave Your Husband Simply Because He Cheated On You - Ali Baba

Nigerian Comedian, Ali Baba is advising married women to stick to their cheating husbands.

Nigerian Comedian, Ali Baba is advising married women to stick to their cheating husbands.

The comedian gave the advice on Sunday via Instagram. Ali Baba wrote, ''In 2007, had an event at Muson center. One big man was turned 80. I called his kids To join cut his birthday cake. They came out. 3 at first, and the wife said "MC, Call Segun (Not real name) and Chioma (not real name too) to join." They came up. Dressed in the same outfits as the other 3. Pictures were taken and people started chatting on how the wife was so tolerant.

I later sat with a broadcaster, whose close friend had the daughter (Chioma) for the celebrant. Gist was that the Celebrant had an affair with her friend in the 80s, when newscasters were the hottest female celebrities that there were in the media world. The other son, Segun, was the love child from a Nigerian Airways air hostess that the celebrant took a liking to. And after one of those trips, she couldn't fly for 9 months. The wife heard about these children outside wedlock. She, as expected, fumed, raved and raged. Her best friends at the time, told her to leave the adulterous husband. "He does not deserve you."

She went to meet her Aunty, H.I.D AWOLOWO, of blessed memory, who condemned his behavior but advised her. And part of the advice was, "you know who your husband is, if you leave, you will be the woman outside, and what you want for your children may be determined by the one in the house. Those people who are telling you to leave, are saying that so you can get even. But if you stay, you have a life long opportunity to get back at him..., if you both came from Your village to Ibadan and after moved to lagos, why should some small girls make you leave a place you suffered to build. Stay there and let them be the women outside. "To ba ko kuro ni leyen, Oti Fuwon laye. Iwo lo ma wani ita. Awon ma kosile ti ejo ko. Ogbon lo gba. Iyale lo wa ni le." I met the celebrant's wife, early this year, at Eko Hotel, with her grand children. Grand Children from SEGUN!

Grandma and I talk regularly since then. And when I saw this piece, I called her, because, she had talked in the line of some points raised here. She believes, many people who advise women to leave their homes for THE OTHER WOMAN, (when the man is not violent), need a rethink!

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