Man gets "super power" after abstaining from masturbating for 700 days

Most guys masturbate and that’s the fact. Some do it because they cannot get enough sex with women; others are into porn addiction and do it all the time. This guy does not disclose his name. His nick online is Brohit.

He says he wanted to carry out an experiment: stop masturbating and see what happens. Presently he has not done it even once for 700 days (two years). The results are shocking. The man claims he got the superpower.

Here is what he means by that. He became much more focused and able to concentrate his attention and get things done. His self-confidence sky rocketed and he finds it easy to attract women and have sex with them. And his levels of energy went up extremely!

So, men, now you know the way how to boost your sex life and stop having this doubtful pleasure of self-satisfaction. It can pay off!
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