Man raped by 3 women reveals how his manhood was ‘ruined’

The Zulu man who was the victim of a brutal rape by three women bared his soul to Live Monitor and highlighted the trauma he has suffered ever since his ordeal.Three women took turns ‘abusing’ the man,with the third holding the camera.

The man (name withheld) says ever since the incident,he can no longer get an ere_ction and has lost interest in women.

According to the victim,He is a general hand and on the day in question he had got a job at the women’s house to fix leaking pipes.Once he was inside,they locked the door and forced him into the bedroom where the viral video was shot.

“My brother,it has been a tough week for me.”

“Since those evil women had their way with me, I can no longer look at a woman lu_stfully.All I can see is the picture of those devils forcing me.Such thoughts have affected my marriage as I no longer have any desire for my wife.

“In fact the thought of being in bed wit her h scares me and for now am sleeping in the living room,I feel safer in a place away from women.” he said.

He also hoped justice would prevail and his attackers would rot in jail.
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