Unemployed Chinese Man Gets Breast Implant To Hunt For Job As Female

A Chinese man who had become fed up with job hunting resorted to drastic means to improve his job prospects.

The 30-year-old from Zhuzhou City, in China's Hunan province, reportedly underwent a breast enlargement procedure costing more than £4,500 (N2million) because he was convinced that there were more career options open to women.

He travelled to Changsha for breast enhancement surgery in August this year.

However, after his family discovered the surgery, he was forced to have the implants removed on

September 26 according to Huanqiu, an affiliate of People's Daily Online.

At present, the man, surnamed Ho, is still recovering from the surgery to remove the implants.

Ho told a reporter from, that the incident had caused him a lot of trouble.

'I did not have enough money for the surgery, so I consulted the hospital.

'They told me I could pay for the surgery with a loan. They asked me to hand in my mobile phone and ID card.'

Ho claims that he agreed to have the surgery but denied that he had agreed to taking out a loan for the procedure.

He says that he has received calls from the lender every day, which almost led to him having a nervous breakdown.

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