Why parents should teach children about sex early enough

Parents should be their child’s first source of information about sex and they are expected to begin educating their children at an early stage.

A difference can be made when parents start educating their children about s*x; it could be uncomfortable at the beginning but it gets simpler and easier with time.

It is a broad topic they should be exposed to early

Sex education includes how male and female bodies work, human development, reproduction, relationship, s*xual behaviour, premarital s*x amongst others; so it is not wrong when the kids get to learn early.

Helps kids delay s*xual activities

Children who have good conversations with their parents about s*x are more likely to delay on s*xual activities than those who don’t.

The exposure to sex education prepares them to make responsible choices whenever they get to the stage of active s*xual life.

It also makes children feel good about their bodies and body functions, giving them the confidence to ask questions and seek help when the need arises.

Prepare them for their body change

The stage of puberty which brings about physical and emotional changes could be frightening to an unprepared child because he/she didn’t have the knowledge that should have been acquired before then.

Hence, it is good for a girl-child to have an understanding of menstruation before she starts and equally good for a boy to know about unwanted erections and wet dreams.

They open up when bigger issues arise

Parents who have established good communication with their kids on issues pertaining to s*x, make it easy for the kids to talk to them about dangerous matters.

Once children enjoy the open communication with their parents or guardian, they tend to lead a healthy and safer s*x life and they are more enlightened than those who don’t enjoy such a relationship.

If you don’t educate them, they would get it elsewhere

Many parents do not know that a child’s exposure to information about s*x begins much earlier than they imagine.

It is usually advisable for such an education to be started early by parents to avoid a situation where the children get the knowledge from a wrong source.

Whatever they learn at an early stage will stay with them and such knowledge is usually difficult to discard.
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